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       Graham Syfert is a Criminal Lawyer in Jacksonville, FL and serves Florida and Georgia with legal representation in the areas of Felony Defense, DUI, Drug Possession, Traffic Crimes / Civil Tickets, Misdemeanors, Computer Crimes, and Post-conviction assistance.

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Graham W. Syfert, Esq., P.A. serves all of Jacksonville, Duval County, Nassau County, St. Johns County, and Clay County and focuses on defending the people of Florida, under the constitution, and the laws of the state. You are innocent until proven guilty, and the of Jacksonville working at Graham W. Syfert, Esq., P.A. are here to see that your rights are maintained.

Graham particularly enjoys cases involving scientific evidence, biology or chemistry.

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DUI Defense

All criminal clients can call for free 30 minute consultation. Punishment for DUI is goverened by Section 316.193 Florida Statutes.

A DUI conviction means facing license suspension, within 10 days if you do not act quickly. Call Graham today for a DUI consultation.

Drug Charges

Section 893.13 governs posession of most controlled substances under Florida law.

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