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Drug Possession Case?

Drug posession cases in Florida are some of the most troubling situations for those accused. There are times, however, where prosecution and a conviction is not the best result. Most drug posession cases involve a stop, and a search, and a seizure of the alleged contraband. Throughout the process of all three actions by the police or government, certain rights guaranteed by our constitution, both federal and state, may have been violated.

The result of a violation of your civil rights, through either due process violations, or other violations of your rights, is that the evidence that was illegally seized and may be inadmissible at trial. For drug posession cases, this is a fatal problem that may result in the dismissal of your case.

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Traffic Ticket / Drivers License Problems?

Don't just pay your traffic ticket. At the very least, if it is your first ticket in two years or more, you can represent your self and set a court date. Why? Points assessed can cause your insurance rates to increase. Often, if you hire an attorney, you will not need to appear in court in order to have no points assessed against your license.

Another problem with points being assessed is that if you accumulate enough points, your license can be suspended. Even if your license is suspended for points, there are ways to clear those problems and get your license back!

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DUI or DWI Defense?

The charge of DUI can be a very hard thing to go through for any family, or any person. It can be embarassing and cause severe hardship due to license suspensions, car impoundment, and substantial costs. If it is a second or third DUI, the consequences are even more hard hitting.

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